Remonte D0T71-60 Low Wedge Boot - Beige Combi

Remonte is a brand that produces footwear, including boots, known for their comfort and style. Soft Synthetic, which means the outer part of the boots is made from synthetic materials that are designed to be comfortable and flexible. Textile lining, indicating that the inside of the boots is lined with a textile material, often used to enhance comfort and moisture absorption. Zip fastening, meaning the boots can be opened and closed using a zipper, which can make them easy to put on and take off. Lightweight and flexible, suggesting that these boots are designed to be comfortable for extended wear and allow for natural movement of the feet. The description mentions that they are removable, but it's not specified what exactly is removable. Typically, in shoes, the insole or footbed might be removable, allowing you to replace it with custom orthotics or inserts. These characteristics collectively create a picture of a comfortable and stylish pair of boots designed for everyday wear

• Style D0T71-60
• Colour: Beige/Black
• Upper Synthetic Material
• Width: Wide
• Heel Height: 50mm
• Lining: Textile
• Fastening: Zip
• Sole: Lightweight synthetic
• Removable Insole: Yes

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