Rieker N7401-00 Zip/Lace Sneaker - Black

This Rieker black sneaker is designed for both style and comfort The upper part is made from leather. This provides durability and a classic appearance. The sneaker has a width of "G," which typically indicates a standard or medium width. The heel has a height of 38.1mm. This suggests a moderate heel that could provide some elevation without being too high or uncomfortable for everyday wear. The sole is made from Ethylen Vinyl Acetate (EVA) rubber. EVA is known for being lightweight, cushioning, and shock-absorbing, which can enhance comfort during prolonged wear. The sneaker has a removable insole. This feature is useful as it allows you to replace the insole with custom orthotics or inserts if needed, or simply for easy cleaning and maintenance.
• Style: N7401
• Colour: Black
• Upper Material: Leather
• Width: G
• Heel Height: 38.1mm
• Sole: Ethylen Vinyl Acete rubber sole
• Removable Insole: Yes

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